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We offer action, fun, excitement, and adventure all against the backdrop of outstanding beauty. We also strive to link you with opportunities to experience our rich cultural heritage, diverse nature and breathtaking topography. All our guides have the experience gained over several years of travel within the Kenyan to provide our clients the highest standard of customer service and courteous quality at affordable prices. Quality has been a much talked about subject in the tourism and travel industry, especially in the service sector of Africa. At Mount Kenya Peak Tours , we realize that talking about quality is one thing and delivering it is another thing. We consider delivering consistent quality products and services time and time again our duty and promise to you.

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All the itinerary and information in this web site has been put together by Mount Kenya Peak Tours professional safari consultants. It is intended to give you a general idea of the available options and choices to help you decide what may more closely suit your travel requirements. Please note that all our itineraries can be customized (tailor-made) to meet and suit your specific requirements and budget.

Mountkenya Peak Tours and Safaris do sell their products both products which include Kenya safaris combined with Mount Kenya Climbing, Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing and Tanzania safari tours. Kenya and Tanzania safaris combined can be enjoined with hiking Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru hiking. Masai Mara safaris which is the most popular African safaris selling trip that will allow you to see as much wildlife as possible within a short duration,As an enthusiastic climber who loves nature,Bird watching and wildlife in the mountains can easily access mountkenya through Nanyuki town for Sirimon route and Chogoria town for Chogoria route by matatus,car hires or travelling by omnibuses to in order to get there for Mt Kenya Hiking, Mount Kenya Climbing, Mount Kenya Trekking, Climbing Africa Mountains, Climbing Mt Kenya, Walking on Mount Kenya, Mount Kenya Trekking Route, Naro Moru Route, Nanyuki, Sirimon Route on Mount Kenya, Shiptons Camp,

Mountkenya peak tours and safaris have the answers that are frequently asked by the clients before booking any of the mountkenya hike.for example.

1:The climate and weather condition during and when climbing.
2:How do you get to mountkenya peaks during hiking?
3:is their anything to see during the hike
4:which route is perfect for the starters when you want to trekk through mountkenya.
5:The terraine and (atraction)which animals to see when hiking mountkenya.
6:The camps and places you will sleep.
7:The best time to visit mountkenya national park.

mountkenya peak tours have this answers to our stated programmes below.