7 days mountkenya rock climbing south east face route

mountkenya technical climb approaching through the chogoria route using south east face route,technical climbing south east face route via the chogoria route 7 days.

The Classic Rock Climb of the Southern Hemisphere.

When it's winter up north, this is a 15 pitch rock climb that can be done with a small rack, single 60m rope, and rock shoes (or boots). Lots of novices have been guided up Nelion, even though it takes thirteen rappels to get down (25m raps). January,February and march are the driest months. The rains might stop by December for Christmas holidays.

Be aware: even in the thick of summer, conditions can vary wildly. Weather is unpredictable and what starts as a perfectly clear day can quickly deteriorate to full-on conditions. Dry season DOES NOT guarantee no precipitation, so come prepared for weather and cold. Once Nelion is climbed, continuing down to the Gate of Mists and up to Batian is more advanced and committing. There is a tiny hut(howels hut) at the summit of Point Nelion and some parties spend the night either before or after traversing to the summit of Batian
From the summit of Nelion, downclimbing to the Gate of Mists requires one long rappel, found about half way down to the Gate. From the Gate, easy fifth class rock leads to the top of Batian (and adds on a few more rappels back down to the Gate). To ensure a safe return back up the fixed rope to Nelion, team members should have their own ascenders and know how to use them!
For reversing the route back up to Nelion, some have used ice gear to climb around left of the ice/snow patch by the rappel. However, it is much easier to travel in Africa with extra rope & ascenders than to carry ice boots, crampons, screws, and two ice tools.
Rock climbing guides in mountkenya.
  we have our climbing guides that guide the technical climbing in nelion and batian.one thing to expect is  Expect to commit by paying
in advance.