6-7 days mountkenya summit circuit via hausberg col

For a succesful climb,one needs to have some acclimatization by doing an 360 degrees summit circuit,this can be done by starting through from shiptons camp 4200m,climbing through hausberg col,oblong and two tarns,remember you can see mackinders valley from an altitude of 3700m and on the other side of naromoru trail you can see mackinders hut,austrian hut and tereki valley.this route has an advantage because you can majority of the beautifull peaks of mountkenya.during the peak circuit one can be able to view this 3 major peaks of mountkenya namely the batian peak (5199m) the nelion (5188m) and point lenana (4987m)

The summit circuit is generary a more demanding route with some benefits pyhsical it is therefore a spcial route where one is likely to meet few people or non.it is therefore a route that you are able to see the tallest standing peaks of mountkenya and its many lakes,and all the camping areas around like the american camp at the altitude of 4400m on the other side of Naromoru route,the blue tarn lake,the glaciers,the austrian camp which is the highest alttude camp in mountkenya.on the other side of chogoria route you are likely to see the gorges valley,the simba core and back to shiptons camp.the full circuit takes about 7 hours all round.

The detailed and recommended itinerary of mountkenya peak circuit is:

1:Transfer from nanyuki to sirimon park gate in mountkenya national park walk for 9 km to oldmoses camp.

2:Old moses camp or judimere 14 km trek-900m elevation-shipton camp.

3:trekk from shipton camp-Hausberg col-to mackinders camp

4:acclimatisation at mackinders camp,american camp hike and back to shiptons camp.

5:Trekking to point lenana-descend to Lake Ellis or Nithi Falls via Hall Tarns.

6:Trek from Lake Ellis or Nithi Falls via Meru Banda's and transfer to Chogoria town

Summit circuit photos:

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