Mountkenya trip/tour/trek cost

mountkenya trip cost depends on the routes a client is requesting and the number of people conducting the route.for example Sirimon route is the easiest route and less costly if you are intended to sleep in camps.this cost at about usd$115 per person per day.while Chogoria route is the most beautiful and expensive,the Chogoria route cost usd$117 per day per person.the cost olso depends on the number of days you want to hike.the minimum number of days is 4 days.which the cost does change if you intend to trek for 3 days.the cost of the trip includes (guides, porters,parkfees,camping fee,food and cook.)a large group cost less than an individual person.)

prices depends on a number of days one is going,the number of group participating the tour varries with the prices, olso where the tours is starting e.g from airport,out of nairobi city,olso if you need private transports,or sharing transport may olso determine the prices



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Mountkenya has different flowers that are found in the altitude starting from 3000m to 4000m.this are giant lobellia,scenecios,water lilly lobelia.most of the mountkenya trekks can be arranges from 3 4 and 5 days.acclimatization in mountkenya is neccessary for those who want to succesfuly make it to the summit.Therefore for the 3 days trekkers they need to practise some other high altitude mountains is necessary to take your time in the mountain if olso you want to prevent altitude sickness.

Fitness Level Required to Climb Mount Kenya. For the trekking routes up to Point Lenana, you do not need to be an ultra-fit mountaineer. However, you should have some previous trekking experience over hilly terrain and a good overall fitness. For Nelion or Batian Peak you will need to be in excellent climbing shape