The mara campers safari blog

My time to leave for maasai mara is today after a week long of heavy loaded work.iam ready now to see the "big 5 game" Early in the morning our driver by the name"KIKITU" met us in our hotel located in the down town suburbs of river road.little did we know that this was the cheapest place to leave in.Kikitu came out calling john are you ready to leave for maasai mara,i knoded.

.we went ahead and parked our cameras in kikitus high roof vehicle, and in a short while we started our journey to maasai mara,it is a 6 hours drive,we reached the first town called narok,where we had lunch and in 45 minutes after lunch, the journey began again, the drive is a long and bumpy and dusty road from Narok to the Masai Mara and if you have the opportunity to fly there, we recommend you do so.Kikitu told us that it was the natural african massage of which it was true.

We suffered through a very rocky ride that seemed to last forever. Our guide kikitu told us that if you drive slow the vehicle will shake a lot,and to prevent that more shaking you better drive fast to avoid it,he was careful and we felt safe with him.

wow the maasai people are always happy happy,every group of maasai people we passed on the way could wave at us or staring at us.

The mara has started kikitu said" Look!look! giraffes... I was just dozing off,the driver guide stopped the car and pointed out a couple of giraffes in the distance. We pulled over and got out of the car, but on closer inspection, more giraffes emerged from behind the trees. I stopped counting at around 30 and I can say that I have never seen anything quite like it. I wasn’t even on safari yet


In a half an hour drive we started seeing the maasai mara small local villages and maasai people gathered like in a baraza"gathering" we asked the driver what it was and responded that it was their market day.this is in exchange of cows,goats,and was formery barter trade exchange.

it is 4:oclock  we arrived at our camp lenchada "a budget price camp",it a was cool and friendly reception where "ann" the manager of the camp welcomed us with a glass of cold juice to quench our thirst for the long drive,later  we still want to go for an evening game drive to explore the 1st game drive in the maasai mara eco system.Once we’d entered the reserve, it wasn’t long before we came across gazelles,and zebras grazing all over in the  savanna grassland. kikitu spotted a number of vehicles gathered together,

lion hunt

when we drove there we spotted a lions eating a wild beest fresh which they had killed earlier before,soon we are to leave the maasai mara reserve for that evening late because we should be ready for tomorrows full day game drives and out of the long exhausting drive,we all had to take d

Day 2 of the Big 5 safari game hunt,it is time to wake alarm rung.thought iam dreaming but it was true,we are in the mara,first i had to peep out through my tent,then zipped off my tent with my torch lighting 360 degrees,to see if there is any predator around to attack,but iam safe,so I declared ok for us to leave the tent and head to breakfast,soon after we finished,our driver kikitu had to brief us on that morning, that we will have a full day game drive.
We spent early morning sunrises to late evening sunsets out on the African Savanna searching for all the wild game we could find in the heart of Kenya.
We hopped into our safari van and spent hours keeping our eyes peeled for wildlife. It's all out there, you just have to pay attention. These animals are made to blend in with their surroundings and if you blink, you may miss an amazing opportunity.
The first animal we spotted was a lonely cheater probably looking for something for breakfast,but it seemed not to worry,we didnt step on the grass since it was against the maasai mara national reserve rules.

We followed it for a bit, but soon we decided to move on as he went further and further from the road.

its time to go hunt for more we spend the rest of the day hunting,during the game we bumped onto a huge group of elephants The elephants continued to walk towards us and the entire herd passed within a few metres of our truck. They seemed to be in a trance, walking deliberately relaxed. They moved as if gliding over water


Kenya camping safari is almost coming to an end as now its time to go back to our camp, after an amazing game drive,the sun is going down its almost getting darker the elephants are still grazing,its amazing sunset together with the elephants on the background,We've had the privilege of watching many beautiful sunsets in our life, but nothing compares to an African sunset and this one took our breath away

.mara sunset

its time to go back guys,we have had a very good moment,This was the most beautiful safari,I had ever experienced in my life.together with our guide kikitu,David,john,camilla,and jane.

we positvely recommend mountkenya peak tours and safaris for your camping holidays in was incredible!!