Mounkenya trekking and hiking  can be conqured easily in some peaks without using some technical equipment this is done at point lenana which is the second africa hiking point in the summit 4985m which does not require technical equipments.mountkenya has more peaks that can be climbed,for example batian peak,nelion peak,dalton peak,point moses peak and nelion peak

Mount Kenya tour special offers

  • Day 1 :Transport from Nairobi to mountkenya  town  from Nayuki then start the hike to oldmoses camp 3300m.
  • Day 2: early trekk from  oldmoses to shiptons camp 4200m through mountkenya mackinders valley
  • Day 3: attempt the summit at night to lenana peak 4985m and back to shiptons camp for breakfast then descend down to oldmoses camp for dinner
  • Day 4: After breakfast walk for 9 km through the rain forest to sirimon gate to connect the transport back to Nairobi.

Pricing varies from

  • The number of people participating
  • The number of days where the tour should start and end.
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