Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa. Long overshadowed by Kilimanjaro, trekkers are starting to take notice of this beautiful glacial peak,mountkenya is a dormant volcano which erupted milllions of years ago,Mount Kenya plays host to dense bamboo and rainforest on its lower slopes and rare Afro-Alpine moorland and plant-life at higher elevations,however the main climbing peaks are batian 5199m and nelion peaks 5188m,trekkers hike at point lenana peak 4985m which doesnt need any technical experience,There is even good chance to see wildlife along the way such as wild bufalloes,elephants,baboons,many species of birds,rock hyrax,sike monkeys,hyenas which cry at night.

many climbs prefer the sirimon route up and down chogoria route,which are the most scenic routes in mountkenya.chogoria route is less touristic,one may prefer to join a group or hike as a private single individual,camping is the most prefered accomodation in mtkenya as the huts are not clean for the tourist,they are smelly and dirty.

Fitness, Altitude and Safety on Mount Kenya

climbing Mount Kenya is very accessible,in all time of the year,with the best level of fitness,is easy to get used to elevations and prevention of sickness when climbing,Trekking with a good experienced guide, taking a sensible easy pace and keeping hydrated makes all the difference. The best approach is always to allow extra time for your ascent,

The Weather and timing

The climate of Mount Kenya has played a critical role in the development of the mountain,influencing the topography and ecology amongst other factors. It has a typical equatorial weather

The climbing routes

Each route on the mountain has different characteristics that sometimes vary in terms of appeal to the hikers, trekker and climbers alike. In order to get the most benefits out of your trek you need to consider difficulty of the route, scenery and crowd when selecting the best Mt. Kenya climb tour.however the best and most scenic route to climb up and descend down is sirimon route and down to chogoria route,

Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano (last eruption 2.6 million years ago), which originally rose over 3 million years ago. At its peak, it reached heights of 19,700ft (6000m) before being eroded down to its current height.

mountkeya difficulty

Mount Kenya actually has three peaks: Batian, Nelion and Point Lenana. Depending on which one you choose to climb, the ascent can range from a medium-difficult trek to a challenging rock climb.

Batian, Mt Kenya’s highest peak, sits at 5,199 meters and is a challenging ascent with many technical points. This peak is for the experienced mountaineers. Slightly lower you’ll find the twin peak of Nelion at 5,188 meters. This again is a challenging climb that requires experience in multi-pitch rock climbing.

significance of climbing mountkenya both cycologically and physically

1:mountkenya promotes the culture of the kikuyu community as it was where the kikuyu tribe used to pray their god called ngai while making their sacrifices,

2;mountkenya resembles an inspiring feature with its longstanding peaks,snow and forests that gives morality and positive impression with the rays of sun rise that is beautifully seen in early dawn.

3:mountkenya hiking can be climbed by any fitted individual,who is interested in seeing the fascinating environments with wildlife and flowers found on the equator

4:the local cultures around mountkenya are,kikuyu culture,embu culture,meru culture

mountkenya cost: The cost depends a lot on how many days you want to do the climb. For a guided climb to Lenana Peak, you’re looking at a cost of around $620-$900 USD in a five days package, This would include,food,guides,assistant crue members,park fees,camping equipments,and transport

Hotels around mountkenya.

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