There are various expectations when you are planning for your climb in mountkenya.what comes to your mind is.

1:The weather predictions.the weather in mountkenya can change any time,so it is unpredictable,accordingly the weather is sunny in the morning during dry seasons,and in the afternoon at the altitude of 3800m changes to cloundy and light showers may be experienced.

2:The cost of the hike:the cost of the hike is determined if you are hiking for day hikes which is $52 a day for the park fees and a 3 days package of $156 days for more than 2 nights in the mountain,therefore 5 days charges is $208 for each non-residents entries.

3 The hiking gears required for the climb.proper equipments are required to keep your body comfortable for the kit list click:

3:what you should bring with you.

Below are our image illustration:


  mtn4 mtn13



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