Mount Kenya Climbing Safaris

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This is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa. This ancient volcano lies astride the equator and rises to a height of 5199m. Its ascent takes one through several distinct vegetation belts. The lower slopes are covered by game-rich rain forests and above them the bamboo belt and the Afro-Alpine moorland follow. Finally out of the screes rise the glaciated summits and peaks which provide superb viewing points.

Mt Kenya can and is climbed at all times of the year. If possible however, it is best to avoid the two rainy seasons that may start in mid March and last through till mid June. The long rains start from late October till end of November. The driest times on the mountain are usually January till mid March and again July through mid October. Any physically fit person can climb Mt. Kenya. No climbing experience is necessary to get you to the top of Kenya’s highest Mountain (5,199M) with its magnificent gleaming glaciers, Flora & Fauna.

Mount Kenya Climbing Itineraries