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Mountkenya is the second highest mountain in africa,it lies in the ancient volcano in the equator that passes through nanyuki,there are various high peaks that sorounds mountkenya. some of the high peaks are:  batian peak with a height of 5199m, Nelion peak 5188m and point lenana 4985m (world highest via ferratta summit route)

Mountkenya has several glaciers and the lower slopes are covered by rain forests of bamboo canopy and afro alpine moorland.the mountain can be climbed at all times of the year,however it is good to avoid the two rainy season that occurs on mid march-mid june.moreover the driest times of the year is january to mid march and july to late octomber.
any physically fit person can climb mountkenya,there are no climbing experience necessary to climb 3rd highest point of mt kenya,(point lenana)which is a trekking peak .but you basically need an experience to climb the other 2 technical peaks  (nelion and batian).
The panoramic views of mountkenya is stunning,this includes the jagged peaks,wide gorges valleys, and surrounding savannah makes a trek on this mountain a thoroughly enjoyable African experienced
we as an experienced mountkenya trekking and guiding trips company,have being offering tailor made tours and safaris in kenya,we adopt a proper packaged itineraries based on your request,or the number of days you suggest depending on the  hiking routes.we olso offer organised safaris as a diverse way to make you experience the kenyas culture and unique wildlife in kenyas national parks and reserves

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