10 Reason why you should climb mountkenya

Here are the major  reasons why you should climb Mount Kenya.

1. Accommodations:

Accomodation in mountkenya are located in all routes,but more so in sirimon route in mount kenya,this is in an altitude of 3300m(oldmoses camp) and shiptons camp (4200m) both huts can fit more than 20 people in a single room. although there are campsites,one needs to carry their own tents provided by the company.
2. Great Wildlife to see while climbing.Mountkenya national park is covered by forest.at an altitude of 2500m-3500m,you have the chances of seeing the wildlife while walking,the examples of animals you see are elephants,baboons,cape bufalloes,giant hogs,moongoose,rock hyraxes.mountkenya is covered by forests in all the sides.this is because the park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Since it’s part of a national park, that means there’s a strict ban on hunting, logging, and even building property. It also means you’ll find a wide variety of amazing wildlife

3: Fewer people

from March to June and from October to December.During those times it’s possible to feel as though you’re the only person around. It’s the perfect spot for those who appreciate the bliss of solitude.
4. Less Expensive:

When on Safari, saving money is always a priority, especially if you won’t lose out on anything else by choosing to climb Mount Kenya.Most guided treks up Mount Kilimanjaro cost more from $1,000 USD. It’s about half that to climb Mount Kenya.It’s cheaper because of park fees, currency exchange rates, and local salaries. Also, the fact that it’s as popular as Kilimanjaro keeps costs down. .Lastly, if you plan to only spend your time in Kenya, you’ll save extra money by not having to pay for additional visa costs.
5. Stunning Views

Mount Kenya is a volcanic mountain. It rises from the savannah and was carved by glaciers over thousands of years.From the twin peaks of Batian and Nelion, you’ll be able to view the U-shaped valleys below. On the mountain, you’ll see the remaining glaciers along with a wide variety of habitats.Enjoy crappy volcanic boulders and crystal clear lakes. If that’s not enough, you’ll also see dense bamboo and tropical rainforests to heather-coated slopes along the way.Don’t forget about the stunning indigenous flora you’ll find along the way like giant Lobelias and terrestrial orchids.

6. Technical Climbing Opportunities

Making the climb up Mount Kenya is not for the faint-hearted. It’s also not recommended for beginners.That’s because Batian is the true summit of Mount Kenya. It stands at 5,199 meters and with its rock and ice climbing, it offers even experienced hikers a challenge.To get to Batian, you must reach Nelion peak first. To stand on that peak requires great skill and effort.

7. It’s on the Equator

Yes, the equator is an imaginary line but it’s still amazing to be able to climb Mount Kenya and stand at a point where two hemispheres are divided.stand with one foot in the northern hemisphere and one foot in the southern hemisphere.

8. Great Guides to Help You Climb Mount Kenya

Visiting the second highest peak has its perks. Because it’s less popular than Kilimanjaro, our guides provide an excellent level of service and hospitality. Little things like creek-side tea breaks and an unparalleled knowledge of the surrounding area make this climb one you’ll never forget.

9. It’s a Quicker Climb

One downside to climbing is the altitude. The higher you go, the more problems can occur.Since Mount Kenya doesn’t stand as tall, that means a shorter hike and fewer acclimatization issues. The entire trip actually ends up being anywhere from one to two full days shorter than the climb up Mount Kilimanjaro.

10. Easier to Access

If you want to climb Mount Kenya you’ll fly into Nairobi. With Kenya’s straightforward visa criteria, most citizens from afar experience few problems trying to visit Kenya.After that, it’s just a short 125 miles (200 km) drive down paved highways. By staying in Kenya you’ll eliminate a lot of the stress, delays, and expense that crossing the border to Tanzania would bring.Also, many Kenyans speak fluent English